Yasumichi Morita Art Works



Porcelain Nude

Of all the infinite number of curves in the world, Morita considers those of a woman’s body to be the most beautiful. Representing the ideal balance between softness and solidity, the female form engenders beauty precisely because of the life it teeming beneath its surface. These photographs, featuring minimalist bodies with their colors, expressions, and even the pores of their skin stripped away, raise various questions. Are they genuine bodies? Just what is “real”? For Morita, art is the creativity that is awakened by these questions.
As an interior designer, his day-to-day work involves cutting out angles of light and shadow. However, photography goes in the opposite direction, collapsing a three-dimensional object onto flat surface.
He is conscious that this transformation is a capturing of the moment where minimalism becomes a rich delusion. In this realm, Morita creates space by giving depth to flat surfaces. Desire to beauty, tension to sensuality; conflicting values are brought together the instant the shutter closes. Consequently, which direction we sway falls to the things we see.
Original Photos by Platinum Print 2017
Original Photos by Platinum Print 2016
Original Photos by Platinum Print 2015
Original Photos by Piezo Graphy Print 2015