From feminine figures to blooming flowers, the subjects chosen by photographer Yasumichi Morita were always things he loved in everyday life. His work is filled with pure curiosity and a perverse sense of beauty. In a new piece, he takes a close-up look at champagne on a micro level. Golden bubbles poured out in a flood then placed on a slide, moisture extracted to crystallize the champagne for a photo. This flavor that enchants people, a true dispensation of heaven, we discover to be adorned with a design that is beyond human understanding. These crystals are reminiscent of outer space or even human cells. The divine perspective captured on film in the Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames is also found in champagne. Just as the flavor of champagne changes depending on weather conditions, so too do the shapes of champagne crystals change with the weather and dryness of the day on which they are shot. This is the beauty of nature itself.